Workshop CHUMS

02-03 dicembre 2015 | Azione nella rete CHUMS

Keynote speech

Paul Curtis from Vectos introduces the CHUMS network to the Take-up Seminar. Ali Clabburn of Liftshare then provides his speech on ‘The Growing Movement for Sharing’.

The CHUMS Approach to Carpooling

Steve Wright (University of Aberdeen) on How to appraise suitability of workplaces for carpooling: ATTRACT: Carpool week event. INFORM: Provide Personalised Travel Plans. RETAIN: Deliver regular prizes.

Implementation Cities – Toulouse

Valerie Vincent (SMTC-Tisseo) on the three CHUMS measures in action, a growing carpooling platform at business park locations and at city level.

Implementation Cities – Perugia

Setting up and launching a new carpool week and software for Municipal and University staff. The importance of senior public sector support.

Implementation Cities – Craiova

Gabriel Vladut (IPA Craiova) on joint policy measures to create a positive environment for carpooling. Cultural attitudes to carpooling.

Implementation Cities – Leuven

Elke Vandenboucke (Taxistop) on Workplace engagement: tips on how to “pitch’ the message to staff and managers. Popular prizes and incentives.

The Pitch

Laura Watling (Liftshare) on The importance of open questioning – Grabbing the Attention of the Employee.

Automated vs Personalised Travel Plans

Valerie Vincent (SMTC-Tisseo) and Laura Watling (Liftshare) on PTPs: Liftshares myPTP tool and manual PTP in workplaces in Toulouse.

Carpooling Matching Software Tools

Paul Curtis & Jerome Simpson on alternatives on the market to suit your needs when developing a carpool scheme.

Appraisal of suitable workplaces for carpooling

CHUMS Network Cities team up with CHUMS mentoring partners to examine the carpooling environment and how this can be improved.

Implementing CHUMS measures in Network Cities

Group discussion on the key challenges for carpooling implementation and formulating solutions with support from CHUMS partners.

The CHUMS Network

Radu Gaspar (EIP) on the ongoing support and services offered to CHUMS Network Cities to help establish CHUMS carpooling measures.