The CHUMS project will complement the sustainable transport strategies of the City of Perugia by making commuters more aware of the existence and suitability of carpooling for their journey to work.

Therefore the most exciting objectives are:

  • To achieve changes in travel behaviour mind-sets for commuting;
  • To rely on more energy efficient transport and less congestion;
  • To reduce single occupancy car trips;
  • To gain benefits from reduced pressure from cars at work sites, potentially freeing-up valuable parking spaces.


Perugia is located in central Italy and has a population of 168,000 people on an area of 450 km². It is a classic example of an Italian fortified hill-top city. As the capital city of the Umbria region with almost a quarter of the population of the province, Perugia is also a major administrative, social and medical centre.

Nowadays, with a car ownership rate of 687.3, Perugia is committed to explore new sustainable alternatives to reduce the number of private cars circulating in the City. The CHUMS Project will complement the initiatives undertaken so far by making commuters more aware of the existence and suitability of carpooling for their journey to work.

Ambitions and expectations

The City wishes to widen its ‘sustainable mobility system’ by exploring a new challenging project that directly affects citizens habits: as a matter of fact, while all the efforts undertaken so far by the Administration have mostly been “public transport” oriented, CHUMS is the first chance to really draw on car drivers individual mind sets.

To create a critical mass starting from the target directly addressed by the Project and then to further enlarge the number of subjects that could switch to carpooling can finally accomplish the Directives and Plans that have encouraged carpooling so far.

CHUMS package

First step, will be to improve and strengthen the software and the web portal created by the Municipality (FI-START) to manage the car pooling scheme for Municipality and University employees. Soon after, an intensive period of awareness raising of the existence of it will take place.

More in detail, the CHUMS project will be implemented in the City through a package of proven energy efficient transport measures which support carpooling amongst employers and their employees:

  • Hosting of “Carpool week”: the launch of the first “Carpool Week” will take place in September 2015.
  • Provision of mobility jackpot lottery
  • The launch of the Carpool week will be immediately reinforced by the award of a bumper mobility jackpot prize to incentivise newly aware car commuters considering carpooling to actually make the switch. There will then be weekly draws of the mobility jackpot to keep the momentum and higher profile going.

  • Delivery of Personalised Travel Plans including carpooling options

Shortly after the carpool week, between September 2015 and March 2016, the City will also introduce the Personalised Travel Planning service to highlight to car commuters the carpooling options available to them which match their personal circumstances and to emphasise the benefits which are important to those individuals.

Target Groups and stakeholders

The target group envisaged for the implementation of the Project is composed by two sub-groups of employees, belonging to the Public sector:

  1. the Municipality of Perugia employees;
  2. The University of Perugia employees.

The two sub-groups form a mass of more than 1600 subjects that use to work in the city center and can’t rely on proper parking areas provided by the employer. In order to have a more clear picture of these subjects habits, one significant fact is worthy of being underlined: while the City of Perugia has 50% of commuters trips by car as driver and 16% by car as passenger, the respective figures for Municipality employees are 53% as driver and only 5% as passenger.