The City of Edinburgh is represented in this project by the Regional Transport Partnership, SEStran (South East Scotland Transport Partnership). www.TripshareSEStran.com is Edinburgh’s regional carpooling website. Membership now sits at over 7,600 members. However, numbers generally have reached a plateau over the last year. Due to cuts in public sector spending we have been unable to promote our system as much in previous years. Informing people of cost savings (one to one) and prize draws in the past have been our most successful tools in attracting members. Edinburgh University has also had some recent success due to their parking policy and the introduction of a parking permit scheme. Our objectives in the project are to raise the profile of Tripshare SEStran and increase membership numbers, ultimately resulting in the reduction of single occupancy vehicles within the City and across the region.

City Introduction

Edinburgh’s economy is based mainly on financial services, scientific research, higher education, and tourism. Within the CHUMS project we will be focusing on the travel generated by Edinburgh University staff. We believe the results from the CHUMS project will be easily applied to other sectors across the city (and indeed region). This will be disseminated through the SEStran Sustainable Travel Forum and through various CHUMS workshops and information exchanges throughout the project and beyond.

Ambitions and expectations

Our aims are to:

  • Increase membership and number of car pool “budi” teams
  • Reduce single occupancy vehicle journeys
  • Promote modal shift to more sustainable forms of travel
  • Increase awareness of the Tripshare brand
  • Share best practice with our regional and international stakeholders