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posterSMTC-Tisséo, our CHUMS partner in Toulouse, is getting ready for the second phase of implementing CHUMS with some tasty prizes! The second Carpool Week in Toulouse will take place from 8-12 February 2016.

The target of this year event is the employees of major companies and administrations of the Toulouse urban area, registered to the Tisséo carpooling service and participant to the Carpool Week – representing around 12 000 employees.

A la table des grands chefs

There will be 3 Mobility Jackpot draws (18th of February, 17th of March and 7th of April 2016). The lucky winners will be treated to a gourmet dinner for 2 in 3 Michelin starred restaurants in Toulouse.

Bonne chance et bon appétit!



First results of the CHUMS measures in Toulouse

Since 2008, Tisséo-SMTC, the Public Transport Authority, is managing a local carpooling service covering the Toulouse urban area level and beyond. Even if the number of car-poolers is constantly increasing since then, Toulouse sees the CHUMS project has a great opportunity to attract new users to the Tisséo service, put them in contact and keep them using it.

The CHUMS project has developed and is delivering a unique methodology (‘the CHUMS approach’) to unlock maximum carpooling demand and establish critical mass of users. It does so in workplaces by delivering three sequential activities, each one reinforcing staff awareness, participation and modal shift to carpooling:

  • Step 1: Deliver a carpooling week to increase awareness and eagerness of staff to try out carpooling;
  • Step 2: Provide Personalised Travel Planning services to employees;
  • Step 3: Set up a “mobility Jackpot” competition.

news2The CHUMS demonstration sites in Toulouse are the “TOP” Business Park in South West Toulouse comprising of 17 companies with around 12 000 employees (5 500 public and 6 500 private) and the “Heliopole” Business Park in North Eastern Toulouse with 10 organizations that have about 2.100 employees (300 public and 1 800 private).

In March 2015, before the CHUMS actions were implemented, Heliopole had 61 registered car-poolers and Top had 504 (total: 565). In the framework of the CHUMS project, Tisséo wishes to go further by implementing carpool weeks, mobility jackpots lotteries and personalized travel plans in order to increase the number of car-poolers registered. Early June the number of registered carpoolers grew from 61 to 75 for Heliopole (+18.6%) and from 504 to 562 (+10.3%) for Top.

For find out more about how these results were achieved download the Showcase of the CHUMS actions in Toulouse – here.

The carpool week in Toulouse: “Une semaine pour essayer: on a tous à y gagner”

In the frame of the European project CHUMS, from 30 March to 4 April will be organized in Toulouse the 1st edition of the Carpool Week. More than 30 companies (covering around 14 000 employees in total) will be involved in this event notably to encourage their employees to register and use the Tisséo-SMTC carpooling service to go to work. The aim is to support employees to change their mobility behaviour towards a more sustainable alternative.

As part of this sustainable mobility proposal, during this Carpool week, a Mobility Lottery will be announced and strongly promoted. The 1st draw will be organized on April 7 and the price will be an Ipad®. To participate to this lottery, employees will have to register to the carpooling Tisséo-SMTC website (www.covoiturage.tisseo.fr). Further on, every 1st Tuesday of each month until September, a new draw will be launched and the prices will be a Smartbox®. To be allowed to participate to this part of the lottery, employees will need to be active carpoolers and not only being registered to the service.

Also contributing to this mobility package proposed within the CHUMS European initiative, Personal Travel Plans (PTP) will be delivered to employees from the Carpool week until end June. By personalizing the mobility advice, the idea is to promote sustainable solutions like Public Transport, active modes but also carpooling for their daily work trips and encourage a behavioural change. A follow-up will be organized in October-November to consider the effective evolution of employees’ mobility thanks to this tool.

Tisséo-SMTC coordinates the implementation of those actions on the ground with a tight support towards companies and administrations. Those organizations will play a crucial role in the success of those experimentations. Keeping in mind this key objective, Tisséo-SMTC has developed several communications supports and also a practical guide to help companies and administrations in implementing the Carpool week and promote the Mobility Lottery and PTPs. Several information meeting have also been held. Those meetings were dedicated to mobility managers appointed within companies to explain them the entire approach. Tisséo-SMTC has good hope that this mobility package will produce real mobility effects in a perennial way.