CHUMS actions at KBC, by Taxistop

In January we kicked off the CHUMS carpoolweek at the KBC site by hosting information booths. Together with Pascal and Dirk, the facility managers, we worked out a wonderful set-up at the entrance hall: lots of KBC-employees passing by, eye-catching communication and nice-to-have goodies.

Since Monday mornings can start of a bit rusty, the question “How do you come to work?” was answered by a friendly “Yes” or “No”. “Well, of course you came to work today, but we want to know how. By car perhaps?” Though hilarious miscommunication, it made an excellent conversation starter. During the coffee breaks the enthusiasm grew further: “Oh, what’s this? Carpool! How does that work?


We did not only inform employees about, but also offered the MyPTP service. (Ref. KBC already hosted an information booth purely on the practical side of carpooling in September 2015.)

I only just began to work here and have no clue what my travel options are,” an employee explained. In no time she will receive a personally drafted travel plan in her mailbox, by simply filling out a short survey (Where are you from? How do you commute? Which options would you like to try out?)

A delicious chocolate cake encouraged other employees to do the same. This even convinced a diehard solo-car-driver to fill out the survey for MyPTP, which called for a little celebration-victory-dance afterwards.

By lunch break there was a quick drop-by at the cafeteria to have carpool-chats in between the soup and potatoes. We noticed how many employees were interested in having a look through the carpool information brochure, which helped raise extra awareness for the carpool option.


Too bad this did not make more employees drop by the information booth, where an invitation for the Meet&Greet amongst (potential) carpoolers was waiting for those who actually subscribed to

On Wednesday there were no carpool events planned at KBC, but it was no day off for us at Taxistop either. Excellent timing to prepare for the upcoming event on Thursday. We wrestled through our to-do list to offer the carpoolers an event to remember:

At this moment, we’re wrestling through our to do list to offer the carpoolers an event to remember:

  • Order good food from caterer
  • Prepare the shortest possible carpoolquiz (add jokes!)
  • Find a good animation format (e.g. conversation topics)
  • Assemble the sweetest gifts and gadgets
  • Brief the photographer to capture the atmosphere (“say cheese!”)

So there is still hard work to be done. But in the end, for a happy carpooler, it’s all worth it.

And since an image says more than words, experience our Meet&Greet among carpoolers yourself:

On Friday we rounded up the carpoolweek, yet started up the Jackpot lottery among carpoolers. Koen Van De Loock was the first lucky winner to make his pick. He chose a Blue-bike subscription and a gift basket from Province Flemish-Brabant. Enjoy, Koen.

Who’s next?