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Interested in setting up a successful carpooling scheme? CHUMS hosted an engaging and interactive seminar in December to share our knowledge and expert advice with a wide range of CHUMS Network cities from all across Europe. Our “Take-up” seminar was dedicated to the innovative CHUMS approach, and focused on the three techniques employed with the aim to gain the best results from selected sites across Europe: Carpool Week, Mobility Jackpot, and Personalised Travel Planning.

The event was chaired by Paul Curtis of Vectos and CHUMS Coordinator. It attracted representatives from 20 cities from outside of the consortium. The Network continues to grow and invites other cities to join and make use of our experience and free resources.


Ali Clabburn delivering the keynote speech.

Steve Wright from the University of Aberdeen discussed our pioneering CHUMS approach: Attract, Inform, Retain, and outlined our ambition aim to change behaviour and mind-sets to carpooling. Our CHUMS cities comprise Edinburgh, Toulouse, Craiova, Leuven and Perugia. Each of our enthusiastic cities spoke about their varied experiences implementing and delivering the CHUMS approach to carpooling. Our CHUMS sites have encountered some fantastic results already and we are excited to share our full evaluation at the end of the project!

The keynote address was delivered by Ali Clabburn, Managing Director of Liftshare, speaking about sharing, barriers Liftshare have encountered, and how these hurdles were overcome. Ali thinks that the ‘sharing revolution’ will be bigger than the industrial revolution and offered some inspiring concepts and advice when he kicked off the seminar. Ali also encourage us all to increase public “awareness of spareness” to make better use of exisiting capacity notably spare car seats at rush hour .

On the technology front, our guests were offered a demonstration of an existing automated personalised travel planning tool – myPTP (from Liftshare). On the more traditional front, Valérie Vincent from Toulouse spoke of her experiences with manual personalised travel planning. These are both proving to be excellent methods of altering travel behaviour.Stall

Our CHUMS Network Cities were also invited to discuss in groups any problems present to setting up a CHUMS carpooling scheme, and were offered expert advice from the CHUMS partners in solving them. On top of this jam-packed seminar an example of a typical CHUMS carpool week stall was set up for guests to peruse the freebees offered by our CHUMS cities, we hope everybody went home with a CHUMS booklet (packed full of useful information of course) and keyring!

The seminar was a a big step forward in strengthening the CHUMS network of European carpooling cities, and will be followed by a series of support services in 2016 and beyond to help them take up the CHUMS approach.

Together we can change the world much faster than one person” – Ali Clabburn, Liftshare

The next steps for the CHUMS network are: activating the mentoring groups and begin in-depth knowledge transfer, invite the network members to join the conversation on LinkedIn, organize the next CHUMS webinars, have a formal agreement from followers on implementation of the CHUMS approach and continue with the dissemination of inormation via the website, articles, newsletters etc.

A few pictures from the event:

Download the presentations below:

  1. Welcome and Introduction to CHUMS (Paul Curtis, Vectos, CHUMS Coordinator)
  2. The growing movement for sharing – ‘How to change millions of habits, one journey at a time’ (Ali Clabburn, Managing Director, Liftshare)
  3. The CHUMS approach to carpooling (Steve Wright, University of Aberdeen)
  4. CHUMS Implementation Cities – Practical experiences of in workplaces
  5. Grabbing the attention of the employee: the ‘pitch -Laura Watling, Liftshare & Paul Curtis, Vectos
  6. Automated vs Manual Personalised Travel Plans (Laura Watling, Liftshare & Valerie Vincent, Tisseo)
  7. Carpooling monitoring and software tools  (Paul Curtis, Vectos & Jerome Simpson, REC)
  8. Appraisal of suitable workplaces in CHUMS Network CitiesGroup session (Steve Wright, University of Aberdeen)
  9. Implementing CHUMS measures in CHUMS Network CitiesGroup session (Paul Curtis, Vectos)
  10. The CHUMS Network (Radu Gaspar, EIP)