CHUMS gets companies to carpool

CHUMS gets companies to carpool

Several companies in Leuven are taking up this European carpool project. By the end of September Taxistop made the first pit stop at the Research center Imec. This resulted in 2 crazy carpool days, including interactive carpool-booths, fun gadgets and informative chats.

Want to be my carpool buddy?

All employees dropping by the information booth were invited to locate their hometown on a map, creating a nice visual of the imec-carpool potential. This way employees could check if other colleagues were on the same route to work.

Al who wished to register as carpooler did not only receive a capool brochure, but also a “Carpool buddy-invitation-card”, a piece of candy for themselves and a piece of candy to lure another imec-employee in the carpool car. By using the matching system of employees also actually get offered a practical way in finding an ideal carpool partner.







Rewarding carpoolers

2 winners were drawn from the database of all active imec-carpoolers for the jackpot lottery. First prices to hand out: the gift baskets with regional products from the province Flemish-Brabant. By the end of October Taxistop draws the main price: a VAB-road assistance package. This way, everyone working at imec got another month to find a good carpool match.

UCLL carpools along

IMG_1299In October, the college UC Leuven vzw (UCLL) started their search for the carpool hero of the ECHO-department. Here Taxistop also organized some eye-catching information booths with sweet gadgets. (The peppermint pots to share in the car were warmly welcomed by the students.)

VIP-parking and carwash

In the second week of roll out the UCLL-management opened a VIP-carpool parking. All carpooling students received a “carpoolers-on-board”-sticker, allowing them to park at this designated parking spot.

This sticker also served as ticket for the carwash for carpool cars. Too bad this literally got washed down the drain. Yet, our carpoolers can look forward to a good replacement action.

The promotional weeks at UCLL reached a climax with the lottery draw of a main price. However, for students and lectors, this was not the end: this merely launched the monthly draws of nice carpool prices until March 2016.

To be continued

Until the end of November Taxistop still offers personalised travel advice and there are still some more carpool actions to roll out. So follow this webpage for updates on further progress at the Leuven site.

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