Another successful promotion day for carpool…

The 29th of September was another crazy carpool day at the imec site. The concept of an interactive carpool booth and nice gadgets for subscribers remained the same. This time though, the 2 carpool experts from Taxistop first set up their booth in the main entrance hall and near lunchbreak at the cafeteria. Taxistop informed on carpool and further mapped out the carpool potential at imec. A fabulous result, quickly to be shared with the employees.

Employees offered a “Carpool buddy-invitation-card” were asked to take a picture of them sharing the card. This could work as promotional action to get employees encouraged to start carpooling. The most beautiful photos will be shared later on.

2 prices given away and one more to go.

Each active carpooler, registered on the specific imec link on, had a chance to win one of the two gift baskets with regional products from the province of Flemish-Brabant. Congratulations to Lieve and Maarten. They both took the time to offer their trip to share and hopefully they will quickly find a good match.

Last but certainly not least, Taxistop still has a main price in the jackpot draw: a VAB-road assistance package. Since the carpool promotion only just started, the official draw has been delayed until the 30th of October 2015. So imec employees are given one more month the time to share their trips and find their perfect carpool match.

 Personalized travel advice

Employees in doubt whether carpooling is their best travel option, can still arrange their personal chat with a carpool expert. Registration will remain open for some time. An official date to host the interviews at imec will be put on the agenda before the end of November.

No doubt Taxistop will keep you up to date on the further roll out of CHUMS at the Leuven site.