The CHUMS project

The strategic aim of CHUMS was simple – to “attract carpoolers, match them and retain them”,
to keep the numbers rising, and to develop and transfer this proven practice across Europe!

What is carpooling?

Carpooling is simply when a driver shares their vehicle with others travelling to a similar destination. This saves fuel costs and takes many single occupancy vehicles off the road, crucially reducing congestion.

The CHUMS approach

Carpooling is one of the most convenient methods of travelling to work, and it’s easy to do! The CHUMS project  demonstrated that carpooling is a viable and convenient option that overcomes traditional social, behavioural, and cultural barriers associated to sharing. CHUMS has helped many people already to change their travel habits to and from work!

Simply, our strategic aim was to attract carpoolers, match them with suitable sharers, and retain them and their interest in carpooling, creating an environment where carpooling is a habit, not a chore. This all sounds simple enough, but how did the CHUMS approach differ from other carpooling schemes?

CHUMS combined three ever-so-simple measures which, when combined, have shown to have a greater impact than other schemes on carpooling success in organisations across Europe. Below are the three elements that when combined generate the CHUMS approach:

Carpool Week

Carpooling Week: an intensive two week period of marketing and promotion of carpooling to the target users. It has been tested in over 1.000 carpooling sites in the UK and has won a Queen’s award for achievement.

Personalised Travel Plans

Personal Travel Planning (PTP):a well-established targeted marketing technique that encourages people to overcome the habitual use of the car, enabling more journeys to be made on foot, bike, bus, train or in shared cars.

Mobility Jackpot lottery

The Mobility Jackpot lottery: seeks to encourage behaviour change on the home-to-work trip from individual car driver to more sustainable modes of transport within a company or a community.

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CHUMS Cities

So far the entire CHUMS package has been tested in businesses, universities and municipal officers in five European countries. These countries range from those with a strong tradition of taking up sustainable mobility options, to those that still have growing car ownership and high rates of single occupancy.

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